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“I have always written: poetry that envelops you in a warm embrace, never-ending letters and sometimes even entire stories. To me, writing by hand – with pen and paper – was more then a means of communication; it was the incarnation of my soul. I am Edward, born in Gloucester, a country town between the romantic Cotswolds and the haunted Forest of Dean. In my time, more than a century ago, my handwriting evolved with the changing of seasons, resulting in an infinite library of styles. I left this world on a cold and chilly winter’s day, but all of my handwriting has been preserved, brought together in a library: a collection of heart-warming ways to infuse today’s communication with a living soul.”

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Our state of-the-art handwriting robots are designed to give your printed matter a striking finishing touch. Your own printed business and other cards, envelopes or signatures can be finished with the personalised handwriting of your choice, quickly and efficiently. In these times of ‘over-communication’, personalised messages have proven to be over 84% more effective than their machine-written counterparts. We focus on minor handwritten additions to existing printed matter, although tailor-made solutions for entire letters can be offered as well. Our customer base includes direct mail companies, freelance graphic artists, wedding planners and every company in search of added value to boost its communication potential.

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We at Edward Write are obsessed by adding value to your printed communication. Of course, we are more than happy to answer to your special requests, such as quotations for large quantities (for more than 500 copies, smaller quantities are only possible via our website) or special handwritten concepts for your company or direct marketing campaign. Complete this form and we will be happy to contact you and inform you of all our tailor-made solutions. It goes without saying that our extensive network of creative graphic designers and state-of-the-art printing companies are at your disposal for the creation of your original printed matter.


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